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The answer is yes you have probably heard of her somehow, somewhere especially if you have been following any of the album and soundtrack releases of The RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) has been putting out since 2005.

Thea Van Seijen, who hails from The Netherlands and resides partially in Europe and USA is a well known underground Jazz sensation discovered by Sietse Van Daalen at a local talent show in 1992 in her home town Leeuwarden The Netherlands. Sietse Van Daalen encouraged Thea to sing more and they started recording and doing local shows together where she was spotted by Sherlock Telgt who invited Thea to join the Zombi Squad what led Thea to release her first single in 1994 as Tyra.Many more single releases followed with even climbing the charts in Europe and in Japan in 1996.


Meanwhile Thea had the great honor to meet the late Curtis Knight who happened to notice Thea her Jazz tone while singing. Curtis insisted giving Thea vocal lessons and becoming her coach along with Larry Wildrice what led her to go on tour and record songs with Curtis, Larry and Jan Akkerman and even got her on Curtis album.

From her first day meeting Curtis Thea was convinced she wanted to pursue a Jazz career and not much later she recorded her first Jazz demo in 1999 . When sending her demo in Thea won Conamus Buma Sterma Best Singer Songwriter Award of The Netherlands in 2000. 

Thea traveled from New York to Los Angeles to shop her Jazz demo and was introduced to Gerry Brown what led her to write and record many songs with Gerry and got her to release a single with Gerry in 2001.


Then in the early of 2004 Thea was spotted by Rza’s cousin Lamontie Mitchell while walking by on a sunny afternoon on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood. Thea had no clue who Lamontie was. Lamontie walked Thea right into to Rza’s studio after hearing Thea sing. Thea was asked by Rza to sing again. That same week Thea started writing and recording songs with Rza that made it to soundtracks including the classic Baby Boy.

History was Made !


Thea is one of a kind for sure !

And apart from her charming looks and great inspirational voice she pretty much stands out in every other way.

In a male dominated Hip-Hop scene only a few women have aligned themselves. Thea is one of them.

Hearing her golden voice tear through songs is enough to captivate any listener regardless of race, sex and geographical location.

Her vocal style is strongly inspired by Jazz with a deep personal and intimate approach to singing. 


Thea was introduced by Rza to the world on the hit song Baby Boy in 2005 off the Unleashed soundtrack and has been featured on numerous soundtracks and albums since.

From Bobby Digital to WuTang Chamber, Rock The Bells, Gold Edition Deluxe, Derailed, Afro Samurai Part One and Afro Samurai Part Two who won an Emmy Award in 2010 for Best Animation Movie. And last but no least The Man with the Iron Fists in 2015. 


With so many high profile releases still not much is known about Thea,

especially as it seems she is keen on keeping a very low profile and let the music speak for itself.

She is very shy and perhaps waiting for the right moment to come out.

Either way one thing is evident Thea is one of a kind !

Only time will tell when we will hear Thea again..

®️©️ 2021 Thea Van Seijen

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